Sunday, September 27, 2015

Blog #2: Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate is one of my all-time favorite sweets to eat.  Death by Chocolate is a bowl full of different layered chocolate desserts.  First, you start with a bottom layer of brownies.  Second, you add a layer of chocolate pudding.  Third, you add a layer of chocolate mousse.  Finally, the last layer is Cool Whip.  Then you continue to pile up the layers in that same order until you reach the top of the bowl.  Once the layers reach the top, you can choose to add little sprinkles, chocolate chips, or any other kind of topping to decorate it like in the picture below.  

This picture below is the Death by Chocolate that me and my cousin made last Thanksgiving.  We layered it in the same order listed above and also decorated the top.  To outline the turkey, we used cookie crumbs then we filled in the feathers using sprinkles.  

To help explain these five steps in the purchase decision process, I will use an example involving me and my cousin; for every holiday family dinner, me and my cousin get together to make the dessert Death by Chocolate.  However, our level of involvement in the purchase decision process is very low.

Step 1: Problem Recognition
This is the first step in the purchase decision process.  During this stage, you recognize that there is a situation where you need a certain product or service.  In my example, me and my cousin recognize, as the holiday is coming up, that there is no dessert for our holiday dinner yet.  Our family always has a sweet tooth so dessert is always needed at big family gatherings.  Therefore, we recognize that we need to make a dessert!

Step 2: Information Search
During the information search stage, you look back at your previous purchase history to determine which brands or products you liked the most.  For example, when me and my cousin are at the store looking at the certain products we need, we look for the same products we always use every time we make Death by Chocolate. Those ingredients are Cool Whip, brownies, chocolate pudding, and chocolate mousse. Sometimes we also like to add a few extra things on the top, like in the picture below.  

Step 3: Alternative Evaluation
Alternative Evaluation is the step where you research more about the product you are looking for.  You might compare it with other brands to see which is the best fit for you.  For the example involving me and my cousin, we usually don’t need this step since we are just buying food and it is not a high involvement situation.

Step 4: Purchase Decision
The purchase decision is when you actually buy the product you are looking for.  In my example, me and my cousin buy the ingredients we need.

Step 5: Post Purchase Behavior
In this final step, after you have bought your product, you evaluate your product and see if you made the right decision with buying it.  You see if you are either happy or unhappy with the product you have purchased.  So in my example, me and my cousin are satisfied after our purchase of the ingredients to make our Death by Chocolate dessert. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Blog #1: Welcome to Eat The Sweets! :)

Welcome to Eat the Sweets! My name is Jess Germain and on this blog, every week I will be posting what some of my favorite sweets are and why.  I will also tell you about certain special occasions that some of those sweets might be especially good for.  Then I will look into some of the main marketing aspects of why people might be so attracted to bakeries and just "have" to walk in when they pass by.

I first found my love for sweets when I was in middle school, about eight years ago and ever since then, I have had a dream of opening my own bakery one day. I love to eat and my favorite thing to eat are sweets! So what better to do than open a bakery so I can do what I love all day every day.  Every chance I get, l fill the house with baked goods, whether I am making something as simple as chocolate chip cookies or testing out new recipes I find online.  Baking is my passion and I cannot wait to fulfill my dream one day!

 Out of all the sweets in the world, my all-time favorite sweet to bake and eat is the classic chocolate chip cookie!  Very simple, I know, but it just tastes so good and can make any day the best day in just one bite!  This sweet could be the perfect gift to bring anywhere you go, whether you are just going to a friend's house, to a family gathering as dessert, or to a holiday party for work! If it is for a holiday or just for fun, there are many ways you could spice up the look! For example, a simple way would be to sprinkle colored jimmies on top of the cookies according to whichever occasion you need the cookies for.

The link below will lead you to a website which includes both the recipe and also the time it takes to bake these cookies!  I hope you enjoy! :)

In my opinion, when it comes to selling and advertising baked goods, you should keep your five senses in mind; sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound.  The five senses all deal with both marketing your baked good and the psychological standpoint behind why your customers might be attracted to your business.
         Sight: People are often persuaded to buy certain products based on what they see, such as vibrant colors or unique designs. When people walk by your bakery and look into the window at the treats staring back at them, the bright colors attract them and make them want to buy your sweets.
         Touch: As for touch, when people try your baked goods, they keep in mind the texture of your sweets.  If they are too dry or if the icing is too grainy, they will not enjoy them.  Some companies sell their products solely on touch, such as pillows or blankets. So you want to make sure you have made your recipes just the right way so that your customers will love the texture and will want to come back for more!
         Smell: Smell is an important part to attracting people to your bakery.  I know for me, if I'm walking down the street and smell something sweet, I "have" to go into whatever store is smelling so good!
         Taste: Obviously, taste is a major part in what makes your bakery succeed.  If your customers do not like the taste of your sweets, then you should try looking up some new recipes or special ingredients that will trigger some special taste buds that will make your customers fall in love!
         Sound: When people walk by your bakery, they pay attention to things that they might hear, like certain music you are playing or if it's a quiet or loud environment.  When people think of bakeries, they think of a cute little place that may possibly be a place to bring school work, or bring a little group of friends, or a place for possible interviews.  So when choosing what you want your customers to hear while walking by or sitting inside, you could choose some quiet music that can be likable by almost anyone.