Sunday, December 6, 2015

Blog #7: Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies
As we are approaching Christmas time, gingerbread cookies re-enter the market.  They are the perfect treat to have while you're either just gathering with friends, decorating the tree with family, or to bake just so your house smells good during the season.  I love baking gingerbread cookies around Christmas time.  Baking them with my friends and family to bring to Christmas gatherings and decorating them with icing and little candies.  There are many ways you can make gingerbread cookies, by shaping them into little people or just make them into plain circle cookies.  You can also make gingerbread houses!! Those are very fun, trying to make the house stable with icing and decorating it with candy.  Below is a picture and a link to Betty Crocker's site.  It provides my favorite recipe I use to make gingerbread cookies every year. 

There are a few different marketing techniques that deal with how you price your products.  
Bundle Pricing: Bundle pricing is when you group two or more product together in one package.  People can do this type of pricing with gingerbread cookies and gingerbread houses by not just putting the cookies in the box but also adding the candy and icing with it. They are selling two products together in one package.
Odd-Even Pricing: This type of pricing technique is when your product is priced just a few cents or even dollars under an even number.  It is a way to trick the consumer's mind in thinking it is a lot cheaper than when it is at an even number.  This is a common technique for almost any product, including gingerbread men and houses.  It is a competitive way to sell your product and convince the consumers that your product is the best option of them all.  

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